Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Women's Ajmer A Unit Teacher's Training College, OF SAMRAT PUBLIC SHIKSHAN SANSTHAN, AJMER Recognized by NCTE, NRC, New Delhi Aff. to: MDS University, Ajmer

Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Women Teacher’s Training College, Ajmer, is managed by Samrat Public Sikshan Sansthan, which works with commitment. Our college is always ready to apply innovative practices in the teaching and learning process. Faculty members are encouraged to contribute significantly to various academic activities like presenting papers at local, state, national, and international levels and publishing articles in various journals of education and newspapers.

Educational programs evolve from felt needs, incorporating contextual issues and challenges. Activities and events related to value education, environment, health education, games and sports, visual and performing arts, culture and heritage, international experience sharing, personality development, etc. are effectively integrated into the main fabric of the collage curriculum.



* Following are the objectives of our organization*

Sa Vidya Ya Vimukktaye: Education is that which provides immortality to human beings. A man educated in a real sense is able to gain ‘Purusharth Chatustya, i.e., Dharma, Artha, Karma, and Moksha. By virtue of education, a man enjoys prosperity in this world and immortality in the world above. With this aim, we have decided to provide education to all, irrespective of caste or creed. Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Women Teacher’s Training College, Ajmer
is the first step in this field. Through this college, we are determined to educate students in computer science and management so that they can achieve prosperity and happiness in life. There is a strong emphasis on nurturing and developing every individual student. Our excellent corporate relationships also help the college get the best professionals as faculty members. Education at Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Women Teacher’s Training College, Ajmer
is filled with challenges and rewards limited only by the boundaries of your energy, imagination, and willingness to take on challenges. We believe in involving our students as collaborators and colleagues; after all, there is so much to be learned from each other both within the classroom and outside.

Director’s Message

MR. N.S. Shekhawat (Director)

Our Promoting Body

The Samrat Public Sikshan Sansthan is Promoted by  Shri Onkar Singh Shekhawat And Shrimati Gaynkanwar.

The society works with a mission to make world-class quality education more accessible and affordable so that many more students can pursue their dreams. We believe our mission will help make the world a better place.

At the centre of our vision is value – defined by our students and those who will employ them. We prepare our school students by inculcating knowledge in their minds, ethos in their heart and a sense of commitment towards the country. We believe, development of knowledge with compassion, love and moral character only will lead to the well being of entire humanity.

In the last 27 years of its operations, SPSS has successfully run the following institutions:

  • Samrat Public Sr.Sec. School, Ajmer
  • Gyanonkar Pharmacy College, Ajmer
  • Gyanonkar Hospital and Research Center,Ajmer
  • GyanKanwar Girls Teacher Training Collage,Ajmer
  • Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Woman Teacher’s Training Collage,Ajmer.

Our Vision and Mission


Our Vision

‘Seek Ye Wisdom: to work for the promotion and empowerment of women in the field of higher education by providing ample opportunities for their holistic development so as to enable them to make an effective contribution to the community, society, and nation.

Our Mission

The mission of the college is in line with the objectives of the higher education policies of the nation as to what is required for it and has since been observed and included in the objectives of the mission of the college.



  • To provide effective training.
  • Healing touches with a unique career.
  • To provide a complete education and career event.
  • Enhancing creativity and problem-solving skills in students
  • A dynamic observation about aptitudes, attitudes, and careers
  • Providing a teaching and learning process that is interactive and participative
  • Teaching through a highly experienced core, visiting faculty, and guest faculty.
  • To conduct group discussions for developing personality, career, and future life to face and accept the challenges.
  • principles for using knowledge and skill for the advancement of human welfare.
  • To conduct group discussions for developing personalities, careers, and futures.