Shri Onkar Singh Memorial Women Teacher's Traning College, Ajmer



Our Hostel

Our training programs have clearly defined and appropriate objectives. We maintain conditions under which their achievement can reasonably be expected and have been accomplishing them substantially. We provide a range of facilities to support our students in their studies and give access to a wealth of materials, equipments and information.


-: The facilities we provide at college are :-

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Physics Labs

The institution have well-sophisticated physics laboratory required to perform and demonstrate the experiments prescribed in B.Ed. classes for physics. All the apparatus that are required for the experiments are available in sufficient quantity in the Laboratory.

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Chemistry Labs

The institution have well-sophisticated chemistry laboratory required to perform and demonstrate the experiments prescribed in the B.Ed. classes for chemistry. All the chemicals and consumables that are required for the experiments are available in sufficient quantity in the Laboratory.

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Biology Labs

The institution have well-sophisticated biology laboratory required to perform and demonstrate the experiments prescribed in the B.Ed. classes for Biology. We have a mini biological museum fitted with microscopes and experimental facilities.

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Computer Labs

The twenty first century, as it draws to a close, has forced people to the inescapable conclusion that the computer software is the driving force in the operation of governments, business, education and military. Most business in the industrialized and the developing world could not compete and many could not survive without computers and the software.


Financial Aid

Financial help is given to the poor and needy students by giving fee concession.


Bus Facility

All the students of the college can avail the bus facility.


Sports Facilities

Free sports kits are provided to the college players who participate in different games.


Book Bank facilities

All the needy students admitted in the institute can avail the book bank facility.


Library Facility

Each student gets 3-4 books issued for 15 days. They can re-issue the books when needed. Brilliant students are allowed by the principal to take more books from the library if they need them.


Guidance and Counseling cell

Guidance and counseling is an ongoing feature at the college. The Principal and Faculty provide it from time to time as and when required.


Organizing Remedial Coaching

The institution identifies the needs of the students and provides individualized support in the form of remedial programme for under achievers and enrichment programme for high achievers. Special time table is required for them.


For High Achievers

Special training is given to write the answer script
Facility for extra books is provided.
They prepare power point presentation for classroom teaching and delivering lessons during skill-in-teaching exam.
The college has regular feature of organizing Workshops, Seminars, Extension Lectures and Educational Tours etc.


Mentors for teaching practice

For developing effective training skills among our student-teachers, institute lays much emphasis on the proper arrangement during teaching practice. Teachers provide proper guidance to students for planning and delivering their lessons.


Organized Cultural Activities

The institution organizes various cultural activities in the college like Debate, Drawing & Painting, Talent Hunt, and celebration of Bhagat Singh’s Birthday, Teacher’s Day and Inter-College competition. Students are encouraged to participate in it.


Feed Back Mechanisem

The institution provides proper feedback mechanism to encourage the students to participate in the growth of the college through their opinions, suggestions about different facilities and other issues related to the


ICT Resource Centre

The College has a well equipped Computer Lab with all latest Computers and necessary peripheral devices like Printer, Scanner etc. Internet Facility is also available for the students. Computer Lab also has software for Language Lab and Online Examination.



There is in-campus hostel facility for girls separately which has 40 rooms. Each room is allotted to two student. It has recreation rooms, dining halls and indoor games facilities to enhance the physical activities of the students. Good hygienic food is provided to the boarders.

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Sports Ground

Our college is having up-to-date computer facilities. The college has installed 30 computers in the computer laboratory having LAN/WAN facilities. The ratio of the Computer is to the students is 1: 7. The institution has WI-FI campus. The computer laboratory is having one server, P-IV and all the 30 computers are with 15” monitor and of P-IV type configuration linked with the internet connection.